COVID - 19

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that things in life can be unpredictable. Last spring, we experienced an unprecedented state-wide school closure, causing GMS to swich to distance learning. When distance learning began, it grew from everyone’s best thinking in the moment. This meant that the goal was survival and maintenance of the students’ skills.


Now our goal is to keep our students safe while we focus on the growth and development of the students’ skills and abilities, honoring their whole selves.

Please note that this is a fluid situation. Policies may change when/if updated guidelines are issued by the CDC and the state. 

GMS is open?

Yes, as state and local mandates allow, GMS is open with all programs and in-person classes with the appropriate precautions as outlined by the CDC guidelines allow. GMS is not offering split schedules, staggered days or hybrid in-class/virtual learning programs.

Is there a plan if schools are required to close?

Yes. If schools are required to close and we are unable to make up the days within the school year or by extending the school year, GMS will initiate distance learning program for our Elementary programs that focuses on the growth and development of each student while continuing the Montessori curriculum and methodology. Key elements of the distance learning program include:

  • Live, online instruction using extended Zoom sessions.

  • Lessons will match up with the students’ current course of study in the classroom

  • One- on-One Zoom conferences with the teacher.

  • Video lessons for repeated viewing.

  • Weekly student work/ activity plans.

  • Virtual field trips.

  • Materials packets prepared by the teachers for home use.

  • Regular conferencing with parents to provide information and support.

In the event that we are required to return to Phase ll, we will explore the possibility of remaining in session as per Virginia Department of Social Services guidelines.

Will GMS be offering their full program?

Yes. All programs will consist of in-person instruction and operate on a five-day, full time basis with student enrollment determined by safe distancing guidelines. GMS is not offering split schedules, staggered days or hybrid in-class/virtual learning programs.

What safety protocal will GMS be taking?

GMS will institute a comprehensive COVID Mitigation plan that includes the following:

  • Limited number of students in each designated classroom space.

  • Classroom spaces and procedures designed to facilitate safe social distancing while allowing students to interact safely.

  • Temperature monitoring and illness screening prior to entering school.

  • Developmentally appropriate use of face coverings by students and consistent use of face coverings by teachers.

  • Emphasis on frequent, proper handwashing by staff and students throughout the school day.

  • Instruction in how to cover coughs and sneezes.

  • Intensified cleaning and sanitation practices used by staff throughout the school day.

  • Thoughtfully presented lessons to help students manage stress and build community during the COVID pandemic.

  • New procedures for each classroom that minimize the spread of illness, including snack, use of restroom and playground, and classroom materials.

  • Expanded use of outdoor spaces as extensions of the classrooms.

Will students be required to wear a mask?

Students are wearing mask when developmentally appropriate.