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Gloucester Montessori School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational institution and relies greatly on close school, parent and community collaboration and involvement to allow us to continue our tradition of providing a quality independent educational alternative to the Gloucester and Middle Peninsula area.


Annual fundraising plays a vital part in the day-to-day operations of our school. Money raised supplements tuition income and helps GMS invest in program enhancements, teacher development and renovations.  Our goal is to keep Gloucester Montessori programs and facilities fresh and innovative, and our teachers and students challenged and excited.


Fundraising takes each family’s participation. Our small community of parents, faculty, staff, Board of Directors, alumni, and friends can make a substantial difference in the lives of our children and future generations of Montessori children.  One way is by supporting our annual spring fundraiser, BIDS FOR KIDS.


Other ways to support the school financially include stock transfers or cash, real estate or planned gifts.  For more information on how to you can support GMS, please contact the school at (804) 699-3020 or

Parent Involvement

Teaching children effectively requires a close collaboration between parents and teachers. Research confirms a direct link between student success and parental involvement with the school.


At GMS, parent involvement is critical to all our success – and a fine demonstration of leading by example for our children. Please consult the GMS Family Handbook for more information on expectations of students, parents and school for a mutually effective relationship.

GMS offers several opportunities throughout the year for parent education, with sessions to help parents understand what their children are experiencing in the classroom and how Montessori principles may be applied in the home.


In addition, parent-teacher conferences and observations are a great way to further inform and educate parents about the Montessori experience. There are also several enjoyable social events throughout the year to bring the school community together.

Family Service Hours

To help the school carry out its programs and services, each family is expected to contribute 4 service hours per enrolled student a year. There are many options and opportunities for fulfilling service hours, including garden maintenance, classroom and/or field trip assistance, service on committees, and participation in fundraisers and community events.



Community Service Projects

Students pillow case project for the soliders.

Delivery of supplies to the Laurel Shelter.

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