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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Gloucester Montessori offers challenging, diverse educational programs to help engage and prepare children for life-long learning. Our programs are delivered in multi-age environments, allowing children to learn from and be role models for each other. The activities and environments are designed to stimulate discovery, independence and leadership. Classrooms are attractive and fully equipped with Montessori materials, books, research materials, computers and living elements such as plants and animals that provide the children with the experience of stewardship and responsibility. Student to teacher ratios in our Elementary program are an intimate 9:1, with both an accredited lead teacher and assistant in each classroom. The diverse Montessori curriculum is supplemented with additional instruction in the areas of Music, Physical Education, and Foreign Language. Numerous field trips and community service projects throughout the year help the children explore and apply their learning in the world and community around them.

Each program builds upon the successes and accomplishments of the prior and prepares the child to continue to explore at his or her own pace and approach.

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